Frankenstein Complex

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The fear that machines via artificial intelligence might one day replace physicians
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But the world is a long way off from robots that portray a version of the "( Frankenstein Complex," Isaac Asimov's phrase for the human fear that ( poorly designed mechanical creations  might turn against humanity. ( Robots have no intentions  6 only instructions.
We are then given a detailed explanation of the "Frankenstein complex," and are shown this complex at work through close-readings of a variety of literary examples.
Isaac Asimov found such tales of robot rebellion tiresome--he dubbed them the "Frankenstein complex"--and resolved to write stories in a different way.
Through Kent and the other citizens of Rockwell who variously suspect the Iron Giant to be a Soviet advance guard or "an invader from Mars," The Iron Giant expresses the same anxiety over technology as do many latter-day Frankenstein stories; I would argue, however, that what Isaac Asimov termed "the Frankenstein complex" appears in the film as more than a simple indictment of science.
"the Frankenstein Complex" and affirms that it is a constant
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