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Otto, German physiologist, 1865-1944. See: Frank-Starling curve.


Unmistakable; manifest; clinically evident.


Unmistakable; manifest; clinically evident.

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Q. Last week my younger son Frank, was punished in school because of kicking and throwing things at students... This is Donald, Last week my younger son Frank, was punished in school because of kicking and throwing things at teacher and on a few students. I don’t know why he behaved like that. I got tensed when I heard about this. What to do with him?

A. Well I think it depends whether or not this is a constant behaviour by your son, or it was only a one time event that he had an explanation for. If he tends to get angry and use violence a lot, you should take action, and let him know this is not acceptable by any means. Counsling might work best. If this was a one time thing, you should let your son know this should not happen again, and try preventing him from day to day activities such as meeting friends or using the computer if this happens again.

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Mayer's new piece examines the most-publicized allegation against Franken, that he inappropriately kissed Leeann Tweeden, a radio host with whom Franken appeared in a series of USO shows in 2006.
I have no idea, but in light of the Franken campaign, one must be a bit suspicious.
As Lithwick puts it, for Franken to resign while Moore looked headed to victory creates the serious risk of "a broken and corroded system in which unilateral disarmament is going to destroy the very things we want to preserve."
Franken was a good politician, and many Democrats hoped he might grow into a presidential candidate.
Signed by 36 female members of the NBC show's cast and crew, the letter begins, "We feel compelled to stand up for Al Franken, whom we have all had the pleasure of working with over the years."
She said she pushed Franken away but felt disgusted and violated.
"We've still got to fight," Franken, a Democratic senator from Minnesota, said about the Graham-Cassidy proposal to repeal the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare.
Franken said the bipartisan resolution would send a message that Americans do not approve of the killing of civilians.
Sarah Silverman and Al Franken spoke at the DNC last night.
Senator Al Franken (D-Minn.) has asked federal regulators and Dublin, Ireland-based Medtronic pic for detailed data about injuries associated with the company's bone graft Infuse following a newspaper report that Medtronic hid thousands of adverse events linked to the product.
company, today announced the appointment of Sophie Franken as President.
Senate opposition to the FCC plan is being led by Al Franken (D-MN).