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Morbid fear of anything French
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Were the failures of the interwar period caused by "French saber-rattling" or "self-indulgent British idealism combined with idiotic francophobia and a strong dash of duplicity?" Again, no agreement between our two authors there.
Whereas Smith's novel directly critiques social oppression and Francophobia in England, Robinson's romance takes place in an Italy that resembles the sinister, Gothic realm portrayed in Radcliffe's Mysteries of Udolpho.
For while Hoffmann is generally dead on target in his condemnation of the Bush administration, the conceptual idiocy of the "war on terror," and the wider chauvinism, ignorance, and Francophobia of the U.S.
Anglophilia in France had been replaced by Francophobia, even xenophobia in England.
This was not Bill's department at all, and wouldn't have been anyway, considering the high incidence in university English departments of cant or envy, erotomania, xenophobia, homophobia, anglophobia, francophobia, pedantry, parsimony, and outright fascism.
116 Francophobia rears its head when the gang find out Lindsay is planning a green-card marriage to Guillaume, a fetching but arrogant Frenchman from her school.
As England led 1-0, I could hardly believe the outpouring of Francophobia and English triumphalism from the ITV commentator.
FRANCOPHOBIA has been running rampant in down-town America of late.
Those arguments will doubtless continue but to this writer it seems clear that, despite the political bluster and lurid Francophobia that accompanied it, the legal case for an invasion of Iraq in March 2003 was the flimsiest of houses built upon sand.
The fact that support of Jews was often commingled with other sentiments, including British patriotism, anti-Catholicism, Russo-and Francophobia, and conversionism--which the Rubinsteins either briefly note or downplay as significant in the second section of the book--suggests that philosemitism may not have been as ideologically pure or as consistently noble as they suggest.
The Prussians manifested a similar Francophobia, while also worrying about the religious beliefs of the dissident French clergymen (Hopel).