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Karl E., German physician, 1859-1920. See: Francke needle.
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To distinguish between different juvenile instars, morphometric studies of different parts of the scorpion body have been made on several species, forming an index (Francke, 1979; Francke & Sissom, 1984; Lourenco, 1979a, b; Lourenco & Goodman, 2006; Lourenco, Ythier & Cloudsley-Thompson, 2007; Lourenco & Cloudsley-Thompson, 1999; Lourenco et al.
The commissioners also amended their solid-waste ordinance to specifically exclude human fetal tissue from approved infectious waste," according to Francke.
Ros Francke, Avril Devaney and Sheena Cumiskey are running the Chester Half Marathon in memory of Jamie Devaney (inset)
Francke enjoyed teaching as a professor of radiology at both the Charleston Division of WVU School of Medicine and, in later years at Marshall University School of Medicine.
El genero fue citado para Colombia y Bolivia (Mello-Leitao, 1945; Karsch, 1879), pero su presencia en estos paises es considerada dudosa (Maury, 1975; Francke y Soleglad, 1980; Florez, 1990; Acosta y Ochoa, 2002), pero es muy probable que este presente en el norte de Chile.
Nevertheless, state law does not require schools to spend money on student newspapers or elective journalism classes, Francke said.
Un ejemplo de los cambios necesarios para llegar a <<quienes mas los necesitan >> lo proporciona Francke, quien propone implementar una red de proteccion social descentralizada que cubra a todos los peruanos de manera permanente.
August Hermann Francke (1870-1930) was one of the greatest missionary scholars of the Moravian church (Herrnhuter Brudergemeine) to work in the Himalayan region.
Francke (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico) por la literatura facilitada.
The success of 'Control' brings a tremendous excitement and confidence to EM Media and filmmaking talent in the region," says Lizzie Francke, exec producer for the East Midlands org, which injected 250,000 [pounds sterling] ($500,000) into "Control.
Such bonds enabled ideas inculcated by August Herman Francke to set a pattern for future expansion and inculturation of the Gospel during the centuries that followed.
The broad contours of this period, which Mori dubs as the "second wave" of Pietism, are generally well-known and have often been treated as part of the early history of August Hermann Francke and Francke's Pietist foundations in Halle.