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Harry E., 20th-century U.S. proctologist. See: Bacon anoscope.


A cured meat from pigs and hogs, which usually has veins of white fat running through it.

Health effects
• Every 2 rashers/slices of bacon per day increases the risk of pancreatic cancer by 19% (based on a meta-analysis which pooled 11 studies involving 6000 patients).
• Increased risk of COPD, likely due to the sodium nitrite which is used as a preservative in pork products.
• Heart disease and diabetes—here linked to chemical preservatives
• Trichinosis—caused by Trichinella spiralis, a roundworm, the larvae of which encyst in muscle.

The first step involves soaking in brine or dry packing, followed by boiling or smoking.


A chemotherapy regimen for patients with inoperable non-small cell carcinoma of the lung, consisting of:
• Bleomycin;
• Adriamycin-doxorubicin;
• Oncovin (vincristine); and
• Nitrogen mustard.
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Critique: A thoroughly impressive work of iconoclastic scholarship, "Francis Bacon's Hidden Hand in Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice: A Study of Law, Rhetoric, and Authorship" is a 'must read' contribution to the every growing library of Shakespearian scholarship.
Francis Bacon is one of our most respected and renowned artists, whose works had a huge influence on modern art.
Uno de los libros mas provocadores en la obra de Francis Bacon es sin vacilacion una obra clasica, Nueva Atlantida.
| An art handler with Self-|Portrait (1975) by Francis Bacon, which will be put on public exhibition for the first time in New York in May and London in June before being auctioned in July
Francis Bacon, born in Dublin of English parents, had an upper-middle-class upbringing; he claimed to have no formal art training.
I was on nodding terms with Francis Bacon and Lucian Freud in the mid-1980s, for no other reason than that we frequented the Colony Room, a once notorious and now defunct drinking club in Soho, London.
The discovery of these cookery books--which also included Venus in the Kitchen, (36) a collection of extraordinary aphrodisiacal recipes--gives a great insight into the world of Francis Bacon, whose hypertension and severe asthma attacks did not stop him from enjoying an extravagant lifestyle and taking risks not only in art but also in life.
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Francis Outred, Christie's head of post-war and contemporary art, Europe, said: "Searing with raw colour and texture, Portrait Of Henrietta Moraes is one of the most seductive and sexually-charged paintings I have ever encountered by Francis Bacon."
LONDON: A painting by Irish-born artist Francis Bacon sold for the equivalent of $28.7 million this week, the second highest price paid for a work of art at a Christie's post-war and contemporary auction in London.
From a mummified mermaid to a cigar owned by Winston Churchill, life-changing amounts of money are up for grabs as attics nationwide are scoured for any old Francis Bacon portraits that might be lying about.
Contact Sir Francis Bacon at 404-372-4485 or visit