Adolphe, Swiss ophthalmologist, 1896-1968. See: Franceschetti syndrome, Franceschetti-Jadassohn syndrome.
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Father Attilio Franceschetti, the second parish priest of St.
The theory has been applied to the study of how network interaction can lead to the aggregation of network emotions (Coviello, Sohn, Kramer, Marlow, Franceschetti, & Christakis, et al., 2014) and researchers have found that different types of interactions among online users can lead to changes in the valence and arousal of online emotions (Schweitzer, & Garcia, 2010; Sobkowicz, & Sobkowicz, 2012; He, Zheng, Zeng, Luo, & Zhang, 2016).
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The more the data, the more the learning, consequently leading to an enhanced crystallization of a much sophisticated processes of 'artificial minds' (coined by Don Franceschetti) cognizant by algorithmic sequencing.