skull fracture

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skull frac·ture

a break of the cranium resulting from trauma.

skull fracture

A fracture of the bony skull, either:
(1) Compound skull fracture, in which there may be communication between the brain and the external environment; or
(2) Expressed skull fracture, in which parts of the of brain extrude from the fracture fragments.

skull fracture

Orthopedics A fracture of one or more cranial bones, caused by MVAs, falls, assault, sports, occupational accidents and other forms of blunt trauma Clinical Headache, bleeding from wounds and orifices, loss of consciousness, confusion, seizures, restless, drowsiness, visual defects, slurred speech, N&V, stiff neck. See Fracture.

skull fracture,

n a rupture or break in the cranial bones.
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The priest was treated for a fractured skull and received 26 stitches to numerous facial wounds.
In 2010 he played on for 25 minutes with a fractured skull after clashing heads with Wigan's Lee Mossop while playing on loan for Harlequins.
He has undergone surgery and his condition is currently critical but stable at the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff, after sustaining a fractured skull during the incident.
The woman suffered serious head injuries, including a fractured skull.
He was left with a fractured skull in a road in Sheffield city centre.
Birmingham coroner Aidan Cotter recorded a verdict of death as a result of a fractured skull, brain damage, and rib fractures, as a result of an accident.
During the attack, which left Love with a fractured skull, Price yelled antigay slurs, Have testified.
Police are investigating what they suspect is the murder of a 12-year-old girl from Osaka who was found with a fractured skull Tuesday night alongside a highway in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture, and died early Wednesday, police said.
Gascoigne, 50, tweeted after being released from hospital: "I've a fractured skull.
One man was taken to hospital for a fractured skull and facial injuries.
A GOOD Samaritan suffered a fractured skull after he intervened in a dispute.
FIVE teenagers have been arrested after an elderly woman suffered a fractured skull when a stone was thrown through a taxi window.