Fowler position

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Fow·ler po·si·tion

an inclined position obtained by raising the head of the bed about 20-30 inches to promote collection of intraabdominal fluid in the lower part of the abdomen.
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Partly reclining; referring to an inclined patient position, with the head of the bed elevated 45 degrees.
Synonym(s): Fowler position, semisupine position.
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Fowler position

(fowl'er )
[George R. Fowler, U.S. surgeon, 1848–1906]
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A semi-sitting position. The head of an adjustable bed can be elevated to the desired height to produce angulation of the body, usually 45° to 60°. The knees may or may not be bent. A wedge support can be used to elevate the patient's head and back if an adjustable bed is not available. The position is used to facilitate breathing and drainage and for the comfort of the bedridden patient while eating or talking.


Fowler's position has three variations: high (sitting upright in bed), regular (head or torso elevated 45° or more), and low or semi-low (head and torso elevated to 30°).

See: illustration; dorsal recumbent position for illus.
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George R., U.S. surgeon, 1848-1906.
Fowler position - an inclined position obtained by raising the head of the bed about 60-90 cm to promote better dependent drainage after an abdominal operation.
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