Fowler, Thomas


Thomas, English physician, 1736-1801.
Fowler solution - solution of potassium arsenate used in treatment of leukemia.
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The nominees are: Ritchie Alcie, Seth Apau, Jody Bootle, William Brown, Samuel Cox, Edgar Fernander, Anthony Fowler, Thomas Frazier, Carolee Lightbourne, Joseph Lightbourne, Bertram Mackey, James Pratt, Elvis Reckley, Deon Robinson, Sandra Rolle, Robert Seymour, Orlando Strachan and Sharon Stubbs.
Andy Fowler, Thomas Moore (penalty) and Liam Dawson were on target for the Mariners.
SKY BLUES: Gary Montgomery; Aaron Shanahan, Daniel Hall, Lee Fowler, Thomas Cudworth, Richard Spong, Laurent Delorge, Marco Brancati, Stephen McPhee, Martin Grant, David Pipe (Brian Ford, 82).