Achille L., French neurologist, 1799-1878. See: Foville fasciculus, Foville syndrome.
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Al igual que Pons Varolii, la pregunta es mucho mas interesante, porque este es el sitio donde se lleva a cabo la decusacion de fibras motoras, de acuerdo con Foville, Valentin y Linget, mas particularmente tiene lugar.
The original brain-stem syndromes of Millard-Gubler, Foville, Weber, and Raymond-Cestan," Archives of Neurology, vol.
Shield Nicholson and Alfred Foville are two best known economists who have used this method.
de Foville as 'evidence that French monetary theorists had fully developed algebraic quantity equations before Fisher and Pigou' (Humphrey 1984, p.
In addition to his native French he could speak English, Italian, Spanish and Basque (De Foville, 1889).
Several biographies have been written about him in both French (Bidet, 1906; De Foville, 1889; Imbert, 1913; de Nouvion, 1905; Ronce, 1905) and English (Garreau, 1926; Hebert, 1987; Roche, 1971, 1993; Russell, 1969).
Larger lesions extending more laterally can also affect the paramedian pontine reticular formation (Figure 5), causing horizontal gaze palsy towards the affected side in addition to all of the MillardGubler symptoms (Foville syndrome).
(7) As Curran notes, a few sonnets (65, 74, 78, 89, 90, and 91) obliquely address the loss of Smith's favorite daughter, Anna Augusta de Foville, who died in childbirth in 1795 (Poems 57).
[7.] Foville A: Note sur une paralysie peu connue de certain-s muscles de l'oeil et sa liason avec quelques points de l'anatomie et la physiologic de la protruberance annulaire.
de Foville though, not Keynes, at the end of the obituary (Economic Journal, September 1911, p.
(12) In de Foville's announcement it states: 'An obituary notice of M.