Fournier gangrene

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Four·ni·er dis·ease

infective gangrene involving the scrotum.
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Fournier gangrene

, Fournier disease (fŏr-nē′ā)
[Jean Alfred Fournier, French dermatologist, 1832–1915]
Necrotizing fasciitis of the genitalia that may spread to the thighs or abdomen. This aggressive and life-threatening form of cellulitis typically occurs in patients who have had local trauma to the perineum and patients with diabetes mellitus.


Multiple aerobic and anaerobic bacteria cause the infection.


Treatment consists of broad-spectrum antibiotics and wide surgical débridement.

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Jean Alfred, French syphilographer, 1832-1914.
Fournier disease - infective gangrene involving the scrotum. Synonym(s): Fournier gangrene; syphiloma of Fournier
Fournier gangrene - Synonym(s): Fournier disease
syphiloma of Fournier - Synonym(s): Fournier disease
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The aim of the present study was to investigate whether VAC treatment, a successful method for a range of wounds, provides efficient results for patients with Fournier gangrene, which has a significantly compelling healing process.
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In 1883, Professor Jean Alfred Fournier reported three cardinal clinical factors for Fournier gangrene: scrotal swelling for young males with sudden painful onset, fast progressing gangrene, and absence of a definite cause (8).
Fournier gangrene is related to low socioeconomic status and is more frequent in poor societies (17).
Vacuum-assisted closure (VAC) treatment and conventional treatment were observed to have similar costs in Fournier gangrene. Patients recover faster with VAC treatment, lightening the workload of physicians.
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