frequency domain

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fre·quen·cy do·main

the expression of a function by its amplitude and phase at each component frequency, usually as determined by Fourier analysis.
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Another is that we dexterously solve the new convex model using optimal splitting algorithms and Fourier domain filtering method.
In the present study, we applied Fourier domain OCT to measure the retinal thickness of the macular area in myopia patients.
H calculates grayscale intensity modified in Fourier domain, E, using Fourier transform values applied over luminance and each of two chrominance channels.
The parameter 'a' for the fractional Fourier domain is selected to minimize the following cost function [14]:
3) the inverse transform of the analysed data in the Fourier domain providing the seismic section containing ground roll energy;
fourier/spectral domain), Dr Semes pressed home the significant usefulness of this technology for detecting macular disorders in particular; the higher resolution fourier domain OCT is able to detect drusen, cystic changes, membranes, detachments and traction in AMD, for example, using "segmentation" and "coronal" views.
Many of the familiar complex relations in the Fourier domain have very similar counter parts in the Hartley domain.
The complex B-splines Bz : R [right arrow] C are defined in the Fourier domain by
Local orientation can also be estimated by means of directional mathematical operations (Soille and Talbot, 1998; 2001), or in the Fourier domain by examination of the energy of the power spectrum affected by appropriate orientation-selective linear filter (Kass and Witkin, 1987).
9] Murat Balci and Hassan Foroosh, Subpixel estimation of shifts directly in the Fourier domain, IEEE transactions on Image Processing, Vol.
Semmens was awarded for her article, Acoustic Micro Imaging in the Fourier Domain for Evaluation of Advanced Packaging.