frequency domain

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fre·quen·cy do·main

the expression of a function by its amplitude and phase at each component frequency, usually as determined by Fourier analysis.
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In this paper, a 2D DOA estimator in arbitrary array geometry for massive MIMO has been analyzed and modeled based on low-complexity 2D Fourier domain line search MUSIC algorithm.
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The resulting completed (detruncated) sinogram (being optimized in the Fourier domain) is reconstructed using any reconstruction algorithm that can be applied on nontruncated projection data, for example, the standard FBP framework.
If we set [mathematical expression not reproducible], from the traditional Poisson sum formula for g(t) in the Fourier domain, that is, (1), we obtain
Rotation in the spatial domain causes rotation of the Fourier domain by the same angle [12].
In our study Fourier domain (Optovue, RTVue, version type of Optical Coherence Tomography machine was used to calculate Macular thickness.
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H calculates grayscale intensity modified in Fourier domain, E, using Fourier transform values applied over luminance and each of two chrominance channels.
Currently, two main types of OCT systems can be considered: Time-Domain OCT (TD-OCT) and Fourier Domain OCT (FD-OCT)--that can be further divided in Spectral Domain OCT (SD-OCT) and Swept Source OCT (SS-OCT) as we will see [1,4].