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J.B.J., French mathematician and administrator, 1768-1830. See: Fourier analysis, Fourier transform, Fourier transfer.
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Sabatine, MD, presented the subanalysis involving the 22,351 FOURIER patients with a prior MI.
The FOURIER study is the latest 'seminal' study to show that aggressive LDL lowering in the absence of adverse effects results In significant benefit with regard to lowering future risk for heart attack, stroke or other cardiovascular-related adverse events.
Projecting out to 5 years, based upon the close fit between FOURIER and the data from the Cholesterol Treatment Trialists Collaboration, the NNT at 5 years for evolocumab is about 30, although the true NNT may actually prove to be smaller than that, given the steadily increasing benefit seen through 3 years.
7) Again and again, it seems Fourier and his intellectual inheritors fail to differentiate their plans for global utopianization sufficiently from regimes of colonization that had already wholly reconfigured individuals, space, and cultures.
This operation, known as Fourier analysis, is a method of defining periodic waveforms in terms of trigonometric functions.
The Fourier transform brings a recorded voice event into the mathematical realm.
We know from Fourier transform tables given in [9] [12] that u(t) (j2pf)-1 + 0.
To better understand the differences between 8-layer and 1-layer, a comparison of Fourier number is beneficial.
Section 3 introduces the sampling scheme to extract Fourier series coefficients at sub-Nyquist rate for UWB radar signal within FRI framework.
1) applies to a Fourier transform pair of variables.
A partir de los resultados suministrados por la FFT se obtuvieron los coeficientes de Fourier para cada una de las frecuencias predominantes y sus respectivos armonicos.
positioning means for positioning said photosensitive medium at said Fourier plane in said first mode of operation and at a position downstream of said Fourier plane in said second mode of operation.