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While business is booming and demand for honey is high, beekeeping has its share of diseases, with Varroa and European Foul Brood two of the most challenging.
"Apis malifera is mostly vulnerable to bacteria attacks such as 'American and European foul brood diseases, which often causes substantial losses to beekeepers if not treated," he said.
One destructive disease that affects bees is American Foul Brood, which spreads quickly and destroys hives.
Dawid [19] who opined that few Apis diseases are of importance in Africa listed Nosema and European foul brood disease while American foul brood and diseases caused by mites were unknown.
Bees in the UK are under increasing pressures with the deadly bugs such as the varroa mite and the fungus foul brood targeting hives across the UK.
The scheme aims to protect the pounds 2.25million honey industry against European Foul Brood, which was found in Scottish bees in June.
At a time when so many are being lost through varroa, foul brood, successive bad summers and Colony Collapse Disorder, everyone, including Kirklees MC, should be encouraging bee keeping.
However beekeepers say the inspectors are frontline experts who play a vital role in helping them fight diseases, such as American foul brood, European foul brood and varroasis, which could destroy the bee population.