A., 20th-century French physician. See: Fouchet reagent, Fouchet stain.
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There appeared to be a difference of opinion between the two jockeys leading the race, with Thomas henderson - a former champion apprentice on the Flat - heading towards the outer, while Adrien Fouchet, along with the majority of the field, stuck to the inner.
118): "[...] com efeito, as 'classes nouvelles' introduziram medidas que foram retomadas, se bem que reduzidas, pelas reformas Fouchet, Faure e Haby".
In his biography of Wilfredo Lam, based on extensive interviews with the artist, Max-Pol Fouchet informs us that Lam's father was also artistic; and he "used to copy the thoughts of Confucius or Lao Tse, in exquisite calligraphy, on colored papers which he hung on the walls of his room" (Fouchet 11).
Sovyet Sosyalist Cumhuriyetler Birligi (SSCB) ve komunizm tehlikesiyle karsi karsiya kalan Bati Avrupa ulkelerinin Bruksel Antlasmasi, Bati Avrupa Birligi (BAB), Avrupa Savunma Toplulugu (AST) ve Fouchet Plani gibi girisimleri bu yonde atilan adimlarin temelini teskil etmektedir.
Lynn Vaillancourt gave a deliciously devious performance as Gabrielle Buonocelli, while Jenny Leung showed a range of emotions as Yvonne Fouchet. None of the actors attempted a French accent, which is odd, considering the characters are Parisian.
As noted in an accompanying article by Pierre Fouchet and colleagues, this work "constitutes a milestone in the field of reproduction, and generates hope for restoring fertility in survivors of childhood cancer."
L'argument invoque par le ministre de l'Interieur Christian Fouchet consista a dire, non sans ambiguite et sous-entendu malveillant, que << le carnet anthropometrique ne presente plus d'utilite reelle dans la recherche des nomades delinquants, alors que ses detenteurs et les personnes qui s'interessent a leur evolution y voient un procede de segregation difficilement tolerable a l'epoque presente >> (Journal Officiel, Projet de loi relatif a 1 'exercice des activites ambulantes et au regime applicable aux personnes circulant sans domicile ni residence fixe.
To change Beckett's "Fouche" to "Fouchet" in a letter about whether or not he has accidentally offered his story "Suite" to two publications is to miss the possible association with touche--since he is, as he admits, "jumpy" about potentially giving offense.