Polygonum Multiflorum

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A perennial herb used in traditional Chinese medicine, the roots, stems, and leaves of which are used for anaemia, premature grey hair, colitis, constipation, infertility, insomnia, malaria, nocturnal emission, postpartum pain, rheumatic complaints, skin infections, spermatorrhea, vaginal discharge, vertigo; some data suggest that cornblind may be antibacterial
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Foti, "Innovative techniques for concrete reinforcement with polymers," Construction and Building Materials, vol.
"When they ask me 'What's the first thing I should do?' I say 'Have children,'" Foti told AFP, as he strolled among the thick, knotted vines of his own property on Mount Etna's northern slope.
George Cain, who he swapped shifts with Charles Mendez Roberts Foti.
The Fotis hope the new building will remind people that the company is still in business and will spur new development in Old Town, an area in which the city is actively promoting development of an urban village.
Lord's leadership categorization theory (Lord, Foti and De Vader, 1984; lord Foti and Phillips, 1982; Lord and Maher, 1990, 1991) that was derived from cognitive theories of categorization (Rosch, 1978) explains that the effectiveness of a leader is determined in great part by the perceptions of what others have about him or her.
Maria Foti, Antonio Daidone, Aurora Aleo, Alessia Pizzimenti, Cristina Giacopello, and Caterina Mammina
7, 2007, petition by the former attorney general of Louisiana, Charles Foti, to sue the likes of Allstate, Xactware Solutions, ISO, Marshall & SwifVBoeokh, and McKinsey & Co., among others, for carrying out a price-fixing scheme during the 2005 hurricane claims process.
And Reggina president Lillo Foti says the Premier League clubs' antics are becoming a huge problem for Italy's smaller clubs.
Foti, Jr., accused Allstate, Lafayette Insurance, Xactware, MS/B, Insurance Services Office (ISO), State Farm Fire and Casualty, USAA Casualty, Farmers Insurance Exchange, Standard Fire, and McKinsey and Company of suppressing competition in the state's insurance industry to obtain profits illegally.
The deaths at Memorial Medical Center led to Louisiana Attorney General Charles Foti launching a criminal investigation against one surgeon and two nurses who stayed to work at the sweltering, flooded hospital during the hurricane.