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Robert Foster, U.S. neurologist, 1884-1952.
Foster Kennedy syndrome - Synonym(s): Kennedy syndrome
Kennedy syndrome - ipsilateral optic atrophy with central scotoma and contralateral choked disk or papilledema, caused by a meningioma of the ipsilateral optic nerve. Synonym(s): Foster Kennedy syndrome
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Only four were placed in a foster home where they could continue in their original school.
There are few restrictions to becoming a foster carer, although carers must be dedicated to a child within their care and undergo a thorough assessment.
The sessions will raise awareness about fostering so more children who are waiting to be fostered can potentially find a safe and loving home before the year is out.
Siobhan, who was placed with Calon Cymru foster carers Len and Irene, said: "I was placed with my sister Clare, and that was very important for us.
Curry said her foster sisters, especially the ones who had their children taken away, struggled with the complexities of becoming parents, being in foster care and carrying the weight of sexual and abusive trauma - all before reaching adulthood.
These informal events provide those interested in fostering with a relaxed atmosphere to find out more from experienced staff and foster carers.
"But there are 20 more children who still need foster parents, families and or homes," she said.
Lin was cited by Huang as saying that since leaving the foster family, she has grown up almost by herself, and every time she encountered hardship and adversity, she would remember the dialogue her foster parents had with her on how to deal with setbacks.
"A child goes into care every 20 minutes and we really need more people to step up and think about foster care.
However, foster care doesn't just transform the lives of the young people who are fostered, it also has the power to positively change the lives of foster carers, their families and wider support network who are involved in fostering.

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