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Leonard S., U.S. chemist, 1903-1969. See: Fosdick-Hansen-Epple test.
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Why, it's a bill of sale, signed by John Fosdick," said the man, "making over to you the girl Lucy and her child.
Her father, who counted among his major influences Social Gospel advocate Harry Emerson Fosdick, built a playground and a canteen behind the church because Marian and her friends did not have access to public playgrounds and drug store lunch counters.
Henry Emerson Fosdick at Union Theological Seminary in New York.
In early 1919, just months after the end of the war, Raymond Fosdick, chairman of the CTCA, speaking at the annual meeting of the JWB, assessed the wartime achievements of the three partners by asserting, "The fences have disappeared; the sectarian lines have vanished" in work carried on not as "Jewish work or Protestant work or Catholic work," but as "fundamentally an American work .
Leontine Alkema, a former UW graduate student now at the National University of Singapore; Bailey Fosdick, a former UW graduate student now at Colorado State University; Jennifer Chunn, a former UW graduate student now at Singapore's James Cook University; and Gerhard Heilig and Thomas Buettner, consultants who formerly worked at the U.
In this new role, Gordon with over 21 years of banking experience and an extensive background in treasury management and business banking services, will be based out of the Gig Harbor Point Fosdick office.
The company also appointed John Fosdick as a sales leader for the Los Angeles, Calif.
Let us not forget that it was presented by a Hasidic Rabbi who held the Harry Emerson Fosdick Visiting Professorship here, and as such is an excellent illustration of the interfaith DNA of Union Theological Seminary.
Capp used his strip to spoof not just other comic strips (most famously with Fearless Fosdick, his send-up of Dick Tracy) but also theater, movies, and politicians.
The purpose of the Reindeer Herders Association is to provide assistance in the development of a viable reindeer industry, to enhance the economic base for rural Alaska, and improve the management of the herds," says Rose Fosdick, director of the Reindeer Herders Association in Nome.
Dulles had also risen to defend the most prominent of New York's modernists, Harry Emerson Fosdick.