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Carman, "Tradition as a Formative Force in Baptist Doctrine and Church Life," Proceedings of the Baptist Congress, 1894, 2.
The website describes Oaken Transformations as "post-glacial / post-industrial," which pretty well brackets Michigan's formative forces but doesn't begin to describe the range of terrain here: the oval trail curves between two ponds, into forest, up a hill, through a meadow, and along a neighboring horse pasture.
They discuss formative forces including volcanism, water, ice, and atmosphere.
This is followed in Chapter 2 with discussions of formative forces at work in the universe and the development of the embryo from the midline.
Seven years after 9/11 and the American-led "global war on terror" that has cost trillions of dollars, not only do the formative forces of terror persist virtually unchanged from 2001; in some cases, in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Somalia, Iraq, Algeria, they are more acute than ever before.