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Medtalk The thought process behind an action. See Case-based reasoning, Symbolic reasoning.
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The making of judgments or drawing of conclusions based on evidence, education, experience, training, and/or personal biases.
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Patient discussion about reasoning

Q. What could be the reason? I do go for exercise but the result is not satisfactory to me although I followed good diet, timing etc. What could be the reason?

A. can you list in detail here what you do, what you eat? etc? Your successes and failures? Then we can help you a bit more. Maybe you have plateaued and need to change things up.

Q. What the reasons to the migraine?

A. A migraine headache has many triggers- among which are different foods (cheese, red wine), drinking coffee or caffeine containing beverages, lack of sleep, smoking, drinking alcohol, exposure to strong noise and more. There is also a genetic factor, and you see migraine more in people whose relatives suffer from it too.

Q. what do you think the reason would be? As per the latest statistics that 2 out of 150 kids born in the U.S. has autism, and the incidence rate is increasing, what do you think the reason would be?

A. The actual statistics is not 2 out of 150. It is 1 out of 150. I don't think autism is increasing, I think more children are being labeled as autistic - the condition is more well known than it was 20 years ago.

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