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Mini-earthquakes that often precede the largest earthquake in a series
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Correspondence to Foreshocks, Main Shock and Aftershock Period
Nevertheless, the first foreshock before the August 10 main event did not precede the water level anomaly, and the October 25 main event was not accompanied by any foreshocks, only by a series of five aftershocks.
Dependent events, such as foreshocks and aftershocks, in a sequence of earthquake events have to be identified before the earthquake risk can be estimated.
These events encouraged me to become a geophysicist--to seek to understand the fundamental physics of earthquakes and learn, for example, why foreshocks preceded the quake in Haicheng, but not in Tangshan.
"Statistical Features of Foreshocks in Comparison with Other Earthquake Clusters." Geophysical Journal International.
The fracture of individual asperities has similar characteristics to the sequence of natural earthquakes, consisting of foreshocks, mainshock, and aftershocks.
Think of them as signs of stress, foreshocks, as more powerful forces interact under the surface due to transformations in the technology of news distribution and, with this, the economics of journalism.
Meanwhile, racial tensions strained nearly to breaking as the foreshocks of the civil rights movement erupted.
All the signs of catastrophe are there, but most of the people are oblivious to the foreshocks. Almost a decade after attempts to educate the public about this disease began, statistics bear testimony to a bleak future.