Forensic Anthropology

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The scientific study of human remains, usually with the express purpose of identifying the remains of the deceased or the cause of death
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The spokesman said: "Gardai in Dundalk have completed the preliminary examination with the assistance of a forensic anthropologist and the State Pathologist who have confirmed that these human remains are historic.
The state forensic anthropologist and the Lane County medical examiner are working to determine the man's name, age and ethnicity, as well as the cause and manner of his death.
After an emotional episode last week in which the forensic anthropologist said goodbye to her biological father, it's time for some laughs and humor.
SAN SALVADOR - Forensic anthropologist Saul Quijada stands in a refrigerated room where cardboard boxes stuffed with bones fill the metal shelves from floor to ceiling.
As would be expected for the niece of famed forensic anthropologist Dr.
"As well as groundbreaking DNA techniques, we have access to the top soil scientist in the world and the top forensic anthropologist.
Like two- dimensional reconstructions, three- dimensional reconstructions usually require both an artist and a forensic anthropologist.
Jose Luis Prieto, a forensic anthropologist from Spain, shared their preliminary findings with the Foris family and the CMP.
John McCullough, a certified forensic anthropologist, told Salt Lake City's KSL television news that, “Two gringos definitely died, but we just don't know which ones,” he said, referring to the legend that Cassidy and his sidekick die in Bolivia.
The event looked at how a crime scene is dealt with, who is present and how important the forensic anthropologist is to routine examinations.
Tracy Ann Oberman guest stars as a forensic anthropologist who catches Danny's eye, to whom he reveals the painful secret regarding his own estranged wife.
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