Forensic Animation

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A computer-generated animation based on the forensic evidence presented by scene investigators and law enforcement officers, which may be shown in a court case
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17 November 2017 - Florida, US-based 3D measurement, imaging and realisation technology provider Faro (NASDAQ: FARO) has acquired Georgia, US-based digital forensic animation firm Dustin Forensics to expand into value-added forensic services, the company said.
The project intends to measure the impact of interactive displays on the trial process; specifically whether forensic animation and virtual reconstruction technology better informs juries or potentially increases prejudice against defendants.
They observed that when the plaintiff and defense used a forensic animation to depict their own partisan theories, participants increasingly made judgments that contradicted the physical evidence, suggesting that computer-animated displays have greater impact than oral testimony.
One of the first major uses of forensic animation took place in the federal civil case for the Delta flight 191 crash.
This particular case involved the death of an off-duty motorcycle policeman and was one of the first times that a forensic animation was admitted in a UK courtroom.
Although in the UK they are possibly the only forensic animation experts in a field of one, over in North America the technique is looked upon as a legal essential.
While forensic animation is often portrayed as a "silver bullet" that can turn every difficult-to-try case into an easy win, empirical research into its effectiveness with juries has yielded mixed results.
Forensic animation can often be used effectively if it is incorporated into your trial strategy.
As forensic animation gains acceptance in courtrooms throughout the nation, a general consensus on its appropriate use as demonstrative evidence is emerging.
In Clark, the court reviewed whether it was appropriate for a trial judge to refuse to admit the defendant's forensic animation of a drag-racing accident.
So,for the first time in the history of the force, investigating officer Det Supt Julieanne Wallace-Jones turned to forensic animation.
Unfortunately for her, but fortunately for us, she had 'through-and-through' wounds, that go in and out of the body," said Andre Stuart, president and CEO of 21st Century Forensic Animations, based in Arlington, Texas, which created the animation.
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