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Auguste H., Swiss neurologist, 1848-1931. See: Forel decussation, fields of Forel, tegmental fields of Forel.
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Sericomyrmex bondari Borgmeier Sericomyrmex parvulus Forel Sericomyrmex saussurei Emery Cyphoderus similis Folsom Myrmicocrypta sp.
First record of phorid parasito ids (Diptera: Phoridae) of the leaf-cutting ant Atta bisphaerica Forel (Hymenoptera: Formicidae).
Controle de Acromyrmex heyeri Forel, 1998 e Acromyrmex ambiguus Emery, 1887 (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) com fluramim na localidade de Pelotas, RS.
Other top draws will be Garrett Wang - better known to the universe's Trekkies as Ensign Harry Kim from Star Trek Voyager - and Miltos Yerolemou who plays Game of Thrones's water dancer Syrio Forel.
The biology of the thatching ant, Formica rufa obscuripes Forel, in North Dakota.
221 Hymenoptera Dorymyrmex ensifer Forel 60 Solenopsis Westwood 98 Pheidole Westwood 19 Camponotus Mayr 55 Orden Familia Especie / Morfoespecie V Diptera Calliphoridae Calliphora vicina Robineau- 2 Desvoidy (A) C.
Yerolemou, who's best known for playing sword fighter Syrio Forel in the series Game of Thrones, was at the Middle East Film and Comic Con press conference.
Regiao norte mato-grossense, Brasil, fevereiro a junho de 2011 Especies de Formicidae Especimes Mata Plantio Plantio Nativa Agricola Eucalipto SUBFAMILIA MYRMICINAE Tribo Attini Acromyrmex subterraneus brunneus 24 -- -- Forel, 1893.
They claim their former bosses, Ruth Savill and Yannick Forel, have refused to engage with them.
Nicknamed 'Henry Kissinger' for his ultimately failed attempts to broker peace between Tan and Malky Mackay, Mehmet Dalman has emerged as a seemingly sane figurehead amid the boardroom craziness Eis forEl Pitbul.
The Swiss scientist Auguste Forel (1910) is almost disembodied, as the stuff of his suit dissipates into the Blakean aura behind his head.