Frederick, U.S. physician, 1853-1913. See: Forchheimer sign.
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Yitzhak Pilpel's research is supporte by the David and Fela Shapell Family Center for Genetic Disorders Research; the Azrieli Institute for Systems Biology; the Leo and Julia Forchheimer Center for Molecular Genetics; the Sharon Zuckerman Laboratory for Research in Systems Biology; the estate of Emile Mimran; and the European Research Council.
A spinal cord injury (SCI) usually occurs with damage to any part of the spinal cord and/or nerves where displaced bone fragments, disc material, or ligaments bruise, which compromises spinal cord tissue (Nooijen et al., 2015; Saunders, Clarke, Tate, Forchheimer, & Krause, 2015).
Source of resistance can be in a form of Forchheimer eqaution which in three-dimensional space has a form [9, 10]:
Forchheimer, "Eye pupil localization with an ensemble of randomized trees," Pattern Recognition, vol.
One of them describes the non-Darcy seepage relationship as proposed by Forchheimer in 1901, also referred to as the Forchheimer equation:
The Forchheimer equation [33] as given below, considering the inertia force of the fluid flow, is more suitable for depicting the non-Darcy flow.
In previous literature [17, 30, 31], the Forchheimer equation (a non-Darcy flow equation) can be used to model the relationship between pore-pressure gradient and velocity of water flow in granular rocks, which can be expressed as
The linear term in (2) accounts for the head loss according to Darcy and the quadratic term is the Forchheimer law.