Forced Suicide

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A mode of execution in which the victim is offered completion of suicide as an alternative to torture, harm to family, or other less palatable options
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That first August and September alone, the Red Guards killed more than 1,700 people, either through beatings or forced suicide, and banished some 100,000 Beijing residents after burning their homes and belongings.
Syunik Regional First Instance Court delivered a damning verdict in the case of forced suicide of soldier Vladimir
Enacted in 2009, this "Elimination of Violence Against Women Law" forbids more than twenty types of violence against women, including underage marriages, forced marriages, forced suicide and forbids any exchange of a female to resolve a dispute.
In March 2001, a woman reported her daughter's forced suicide to the Kandahar Family Response Unit.
"Is it a case of murder or forced suicide? This is the issue that has to be ascertained by the CBI.
This latest volume in the 'Profiles in History' series sets out to answer one question: why is Socrates' forced suicide in 399 BC so important in the history of philosophy and of the way we think?
We soon discover the president also was behind the assassination of his beloved predecessor, as well as the forced suicide of his closest political adviser.
Rikyu was tea advisor to the military ruler Toyotomi Hideyoshi; a growing list of that warlord's dissatisfactions with Rikyu led to the latter's forced suicide in 1591, and at least one of the reasons for Hideyoshi's displeasure is thought to be connected with the installation of Rikyu's portrait statue in the gate's second story.
IRAQI terror leaders have forced suicide bombers to carry out their deadly missions, it was claimed yesterday.
Police on Monday arrested a man on suspicion of killing a woman and her two children who lived with him in Osaka's Tennoji Ward apparently in a forced suicide pact, the police said.
As recorded in the Phaedo, which Plato wrote fourteen years after Socrates' forced suicide, he was not present.
Based on actual historical events, the story concerns the revenge taken by forty - seven loyal samurai of Edo who avenge the humiliation and forced suicide of their lord.