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Association between alleles of the ovine major histocompatibility complex and resistance to footrot. Res.
They also show resistance to internal parasites and footrot. Lambing is easy due to the narrow heads and shoulders of the lambs.
Dan Moffat Max Cullen Kiwi political journalist and "Footrot Flats" co-screenwriter Tom Scott has mined for his stage debut a childhood among five siblings born of a drunk, abusive father and a brow-beaten room.
However the prevalence of footrot, fluke and lung worm and spear grass rendered much of the area unsuitable for sheep.
A century ago the American Wild West was chock-a-block with snakeoil salesmen, self-styled "healers" who peddled curious lotions and wondrous potions for everything from footrot to horse colic.
Sheep that resist flystrike and footrot, in addition to worms, would be good for starters.
IaIN Scald - also known as inter-digital dermatitis or Benign Footrot - to begin with, is caused by the bacteria Fusobacterium necrophorum.
He said faecal egg counting must form an integral part of management systems and that farmers should quarantine all purchased livestock to avoid infecting their flocks not only with worms but with fluke, scab and footrot too.
Diagnosis of footrot was made on the basis of thorough examination of the foot, interdigital swelling and separation of the interdigital skin.
With no Tiger, the biggest galleries flocked to Monty's gang at Birkdale yesterday - and the 1st Battalion Light Umbrellas stayed with him through footslog and footrot.
For example, in sheep footrot causes decreased thermal and mechanical thresholds indicating a form of hyperalgesia (Ley et al., 1989; 1995).