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Frontiers in footprinting. J Ind Ecol 18(1): 1-3 (2014); doi:10.1111/jiec.12107.
The key lies in understanding where in the life cycle of the product improvements can be made--this water footprinting method enables that.'
Water footprinting at the product brand level: case study and future challenges.
A common misconception exists today that DNA genotyping represents a means of identification superior to fingerprinting or footprinting. In reality, just the opposite is true.
The nearest FBI field office or other local law enforcement agency can provide a fingerprint expert to train hospital personnel in footprinting procedures.
Instructors should emphasize the value of footprinting infants, explain how fingerprint and footprint friction ridge identifications are made, provide examples of ink and inkless methods for recording footprints, and explain and illustrate the difference between legible and illegible footprints.
Arguing that hospitals should discontinue footprinting infants because inadequately trained personnel cannot take legible prints compares to advocating that law enforcement stop fingerprinting criminals because officers sometimes take illegible prints.
Carbon footprinting is patently about measurement, but it's what you measure, and what you don't measure, that's important.
The basic question to ask companies looking to do some carbon footprinting is "What do you want to do it for?", he says.
Carbon footprinting is meant to be as far as possible a universal procedure that you can apply to a single product inside your company, the whole company's operations or even the cradle-to-grave lifespan of a product.
"There's organisational footprinting, where you go through your company and measure what you're doing.
This is a world first for any administration to use ecological footprinting as an indicator of real progress to measure our move towards a more sustainable world.