footling breech

foot·ling breech

(futling brēch)
An abnormal fetal position that causes the presenting part to be the foot of the fetus.
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Footling breech

A position of the fetus while in the uterus where the feet of the fetus are nearest the cervix and will be the first part of the fetus to exit the uterus, with the head of the fetus being the last part to exit the uterus.
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On examination, footling breech was noticed," Mr Amunga said.A footling breech is when one or both of the baby's feet are born first, instead of the pelvis.
The second twin shifted from a cephalic presentation to a double footling breech presentation and his FHR reflected severe bradycardia.
The Ministry of Health (MoH) confirmed the death of a newborn baby in Johor Baru on February 4 was due to shortness of breath (asphyxia) after the baby's head was stuck in the mother's perineum during a footling breech delivery at home.
Among study subjects 334 (87.0%) were rural, 381 (99.2%) were married, only 3 (0.8%) were single, 382 (99.5%) were attended ANC, 145 (37.8%) had ANC follow-up less than 4 times, 307 (79.9%) did not know their LNMP, 54 (73%) were with 37-42 weeks of GA from LNMP, 266 (69.3%) were with non-fully dilated cervix, 229 (59.6%) were with ruptured membrane, 184 (79.5%) were with rupture of membrane < 8 hours, 281 (73.2%) had assisted vaginal breech delivery, 13 (19.1%) were having indication for CS by footling breech presentation, 362 (94.3%) were with alive intrauterine fetal condition prior to admission, and 322 (83.9%) were alive immediately after delivery.
Perinatal mortality was more in relation to footling breech.
You will see a tail, but no feet for a frank breech; you will see two hooves facing up for a footling breech. If the kid is small enough, it can be born in a breech position.
Others were cervical dystocia (6.0%) 2 or more previous CS in labour (4.3%) nullipara breech in labour (4.3%) ante partum haemorrhage (placenta praevia - 3.7% abruptio placentae 3.4%) footling breech in labour (2.8%) and cord prolapse (1.4%).
Nine days into treatment, at 23 weeks' gestation, 210 hours after membrane rupture, a 415-g live-born girl was delivered spontaneously in footling breech with Apgar scores of 1 (1 min) and 5 (5 min).
One midwife, Diane, who was direct-entry and apprenticed before she became a CNM, recently did a footling breech in the water, and a shoulder dystocia with the baby's cord wrapped around its neck.
He was a footling breech birth, but was normal upon examination, fed well, and discharged from the nursery after 24 hours.
One said she had a safe and successful home birth with the same complication as Koberstein - a footling breech delivery where the baby emerges feet first.
'The staff weren't able to touch him because he was a footling breech, which means if you try and help them in any way, you could damage their necks.