Football Helmet

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A type of headgear worn by American football players which is made of hardened plastic and designed to withstand blows and impacts
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Riddell invented the plastic football helmet in 1939.
Thereafter, Riddell introduced the first: plastic football helmet; facemask; helmet to meet industry performance standards; air-fitted liner system; and helmet designed with patented side impact protection.
I looked up the history of-the football helmet one weekend this past October after I watched in giddy delight as several National Football League defenders used their helmets to deliver knock-out shots to their opponents.
"Just like a football helmet wasn't designed to stop a concussion, but to stop skull fracture."
A football helmet is also featured towards the rear of the aircraft.
Some of my juvenile kit included a football helmet, shoulder pads, and boxing gloves.
THE NIGHT that the dome was delivered to our driveway looking like a giant football helmet resting on saw horses, I was stunned.
football helmet, basketball, Easter basket, whistle, television, hockey stick.
Researchers developed a group of sensors that go inside a football helmet and alert a coach on the sidelines when forces are great enough to cause a concussion (Head Impact Telemetry System, Simbex LLC).
"When Randy came he brought me a gift from America, a Cleveland Browns football helmet, which I had as a keepsake on my desk.