Foot Fetishism

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A pronounced sexual interest in feet (or shoes), which is the most common sexual preference for otherwise non-sexual body parts. For a foot fetishist, points of attraction include the shape and size of the foot, toes, toenails, jewelry, treatments (e.g., pedicure), state of dress, odour, and sensory interaction
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The foot fetishists are concentrated only in the Middle East.
In my next reincarnation, I will be a minimalist" Former Labour minister Chris Mullin on the difficulties of downsizing "I have interviewed foot fetishists, voyeurs, transvestites, dominatrices, men who liked wearing nappies.
Glenda, 32, admitted she is extremely creeped out by Wikifeet and feels there is "something wrong" with it - especially as it isn't the first time she's been targeted by foot fetishists.
Precisely the last place anyone looks, in fact, except maybe for foot fetishists who aren't anyone's target market.
Taking in Earl Grey, foot fetishists and the restorative power of cereal, this fantastical premise initially stumbled along.
Unfortunately for you foot fetishists, the feeling that I was letting myself down wouldn't go away.
Foot fetishists enjoy kissing, licking and caressing their lovers' feet before, during and after sex.
Besides, imagine a woman wearing pointe shoes and nothing else--it might be fiesta time for foot fetishists, but most of the public would find it odd rather than exciting.
The only people interested in girls feet are foot fetishists.
Tapes designed to appeal to foot fetishists are understood to show women in bare feet or spiked heels crushing baby birds, kittens and puppies.