Foot Fetishism

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A pronounced sexual interest in feet (or shoes), which is the most common sexual preference for otherwise non-sexual body parts. For a foot fetishist, points of attraction include the shape and size of the foot, toes, toenails, jewelry, treatments (e.g., pedicure), state of dress, odour, and sensory interaction
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You'd think he'd tamp down his foot fetishism, especially after being embroiled in a #MeToo-adjacent scandal, but no, those little piggies are still on full display.
Swinburne's Subversions of the Hellenic Code" (Cahiers victoriens et edouardiens 78 [Autumn 2013]) focuses on Swinburne's artful exploitation of the ambivalent status of Hellenism in nineteenth century culture, its capacity to signify both scholasticism and obscenity; "Poetic Podophilia: Gautier, Baudelaire, Swinburne and Classical Foot Fetishism" (Journal of Victorian Culture 20.2 [2015]: 212-229) elucidates the classical and French origins of the eroticized foot imagery in Swinburne's poetry and suggests how his work may be read as part of a literary genealogy of Sigmund Freud's concept of the fetish.
Foot fetishism is very popular with women as well as men.
As you are probably aware, foot fetishism, in which people are only too fond of feet, is fairly common.
The fierce attack upon 'stressers' and 'timers' is bold and deserving of its victories; the insistence that the American college system has been the prime mover behind the largely unnoticed, or unquestioned, maintenance of 'foot fetishism' in prosody is cogent, and the arguments are carefully structured and unflinchingly delivered.
To the disinterested, a foot fetishism is ridiculous; right away you imagine a cringing freak who works at Thom McCann for the privilege of getting his fingers stepped on by sneering thirteen-year-olds.
What do Zap Comix, foot fetishism, leprosy, and postmodernist musings on the nature of fictionality have in common?
(11.) The scopophilic component of foot fetishism was already mentioned in a 1915 addition to the 1910 footnote discussed above.
If you want to find out more about shoe and foot fetishism, and the magazines available, you'll find no end of stuff on the internet.
The theory about foot fetishism is that it is something which begins in early childhood on account of babies spending a lot of time on the floor around their mother's feet, which they come to equate with extreme pleasure.