foot bones

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bones of foot

bones that collectively comprise the skeleton of the foot; includes tarsal bones, metatarsals (bones) [I-V], phalanges, and sesamoid bones.
Synonym(s): ossa pedis [TA], foot bones
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During the past few years they have performed a large number of foot bone PMMA replacement prosthetic surgeries (of bones destroyed due to 'Charcot' disease or due to Osteomyelitis) with excellent results.
Team member Irene Vikatou needed only good observation to detect a high prevalence of a rare type of bone lesion called osteochondritis dissecans (OD) in the foot bones.
Both these conditions result in the destruction or excision of foot bones which leads to deformed feet with altered biomechanics and the appearance of new pressure points in regions of the foot unaccustomed to bearing such forces.
In 2009 the thigh and foot bones of St Therese of Lisieux attracted 15,000 worshippers to the 3,000-capacity Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King.
Armed with only eight foot bones, Haile-Selassie's team doesn't have enough evidence to assign a species name to the new find.
Ochre-stained bone tallies were probably made from the front foot bones of roe deer and marked with a series of horizontal incisions resembling gradations on a ruler.
Examinations of her thigh, shin, and foot bones indicate that Selam walked upright on two legs.
The `high' ankle sprains such as Platt's are often more difficult to recover from than the typical sprain, which stretches ligaments in the lower area of the leg, where the ankle and foot bones are connected.
He also sells turtle parts, such as shells, legs and foot bones, which are made into buttons, dishes, necklaces, ornaments, etc.
Ask your GP to refer you to a podiatrist (foot specialist) who can advise on footwear and orthoses - special devices you can insert into your shoes to realign your foot bones and help you walk in a way that doesn't aggravate the problem.
A wing bone of the giant extinct penguin along with a 9.1 centimetre long tarsometatarsus, which would have been formed by the fusion of ankle and foot bones, were discovered by Carolina Acosta Hospitaleche from the La Plata Museum in Argentina.