foot bones

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bones of foot

bones that collectively comprise the skeleton of the foot; includes tarsal bones, metatarsals (bones) [I-V], phalanges, and sesamoid bones.
Synonym(s): ossa pedis [TA], foot bones
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The 'Amrita Sling Technique', invented at AIMS, is a novel surgical technique to permanently stabilize the foot and ankle after conventional reconstruction of destroyed mid foot and hind foot bones, in case of 'Charcot disease'- usually seen as a result of autonomic neuropathy in diabetes mellitus and other neurological conditions.
The distinctive morphology of the leg and foot bones of skeleton FS 1374C seems consistent with the forces that would be imposed by energetic activity of the type associated with acrobats, perhaps as one of the famous hub of Nagar.
It's like excavating only human foot bones and concluding that people at that time had no hands.
They may occur in the foot bones or shin bones of long-distance runners.
The contract is the supply assortment described in detail in Annex 3A tender, of grouped in packages named as contained in the information below, which is an integral part of this specification HelloNumber and name of the Package1Package 1 - Primary Knee Implants with gratuitous lending: one set of instruments, set to the augmentation of the tibia (with extension and washers tibias), dual-drive battery with a chainsaw and drill oscillation precision2Package 2 - Revision Knee Endoprosthesis with gratuitous lending instruments set3Package 3 - Titanium plate fixation foot bones of gratuitous lending instruments set4Package 4 - double lumen cathetersTerms of delivery and other requirements related to the performance of the contract described in the draft contracts.
1 centimetre long tarsometatarsus, which would have been formed by the fusion of ankle and foot bones, were discovered by Carolina Acosta Hospitaleche from the La Plata Museum in Argentina.
Both these conditions result in the destruction or excision of foot bones which leads to deformed feet with altered biomechanics and the appearance of new pressure points in regions of the foot unaccustomed to bearing such forces.
In 2009 the thigh and foot bones of St Therese of Lisieux attracted 15,000 worshippers to the 3,000-capacity Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King.
Armed with only eight foot bones, Haile-Selassie's team doesn't have enough evidence to assign a species name to the new find.
Ochre-stained bone tallies were probably made from the front foot bones of roe deer and marked with a series of horizontal incisions resembling gradations on a ruler.