Foot Flat

A foot position maintained during the stance phase, after heel contact, in which the foot remains in contact with the ground. Foot flat comprises ±80% of the gait cycle, just before toe off on the other foot
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Lie in a supine position with one leg bent, foot flat on the floor.
The company is the first in North America to receive the Digicon Series 3 press with the Big Foot Flat Bed module from AB Graphic International.
"We're looking to put our foot flat to the floor and hopefully we can get a couple of goals and beat Rangers at Ibrox.
They drive the bus with their foot flat on the accelerator.
"It's foot flat down from now on and hope the other results go our way," said Harris.
In a 3D motion analysis of the turn, they found that the dancers mainly controlled the rotational speed by swinging the free or gesturing leg laterally through torque exertion at the hip joint of the leg in clockwise and then counterclockwise directions, and that they supplied an angular impulse mainly to the gesturing leg during the swing when flexing the supporting leg and keeping their foot flat on the plate.
How is it done?: Lie on your back with one leg bent at 90 degrees with the foot flat on the floor and the other leg held out straight with your toe pointed.
"My husband drove with his foot flat down, indicated right and turned left - classic counter-surveillance stuff - and we lost him," says Eve.
Hamstring stretch - lie down with one leg straight up in the air, the other bent with foot flat on the ground.
Take your shoes and socks off, place your right foot flat on the ground, aim at a point in line with the toe next to your small toe - right, now hit it hard with a hammer.