Francois M., mid-20th-century French thoracic surgeon. See: Fontan procedure, Fontan operation.
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This was the second time he was being operated on and the family was fully informed of the risks involved in the Fontan procedure that was done on him.
Bilal was treated with fontan procedure and right ventricle exclusion from circulation method, a critical surgerical procedure that took about five hours.
Caption: L to R: MHACY Board Member Bob Cacace; MHACY Board Member Joan Deirlein; Yonkers Councilman Michael Sabatino; HUD Region II Director Lynne Patton; MHACY Executive Director Joseph Shuldiner; Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano; State Senator Andrea Stewart Cousins; State Assemblymember Shelley Mayer; Marisel Fontan, President Tenant Council for Townhouses; Yonkers Councilman Christopher Johnson.
Fontan et al, higher serum leptin levels in peritoneal dialysis (PD) patients was compared to hemodialysis and predialysis stage 5 CKD patients.
This leads to identify several theories: social innovation as the social counterpart of any "standard" innovation (Fontan, 2008); social innovation as societal change; social innovation as innovation of service; social innovation as the answer provided to meet social demands (Alter, 2002; Hillier, Moulaert, & Nussbaumer, 2004; Bouchard, 2006; Fontan, 2008; Djellal & Gallouj, 2012; Chauviere, 2012).
Last year, he was required to undergo a Fontan procedure at the Philippine General Hospital.
Anbar, and especially Fallujah, is like Asterix's village," said Victoria Fontan, a professor at American University Duhok Kurdistan, referring to an unconquerable town in the French comic book series.
The following defects were more common in females than males: atrial septal defects, patent ductus arteriosus, pulmonary valve stenosis, Fontan circulation, tetralogy of Fallot, and atrioventricular septal defect.
To the best of our knowledge, atrial septostomy and Fontan fenestration by radiofrequency (RF) energy via an NRG needle have not been reported [7].
Sarah Bugier, Emmanuel Dedome, Eleonore Fontan, Franck Ceppa, and Herve Delacour *
Este argumento se desarrolla con fuerza en el libro de la profesora Victoria Fontan, quien ademas de indagar por las practicas colonizantes de las grandes industrias de la paz modernas, tambien localiza su reflexion entre el Norte y el Sur globales, dejando al descubierto que el Norte viene tomando al Sur como laboratorio para dominar e imponer un tipo de paz ajeno a las logicas de las comunidades del Sur, a este tipo de practicas los estudios actuales de paz, la denominan paz liberal.