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Anton, Swiss physician, 1881-1968. See: Fonio solution.
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Ainsi, les prix au detail couramment pratiques ont ete 175 Fcfa le kilo pour le mais, 200 Fcfa pour le mil et le shorgo, 250 Fcfa pour les mil, sorgho, mais piles, 375 Fcfa pour le riz importe brise, le riz RM 40 thailandais et vietnamien et pour le riz local Gambiaka, 400 Fcfa pour le niebe et 500 Fcfa le kilo pour le fonio.
Acodding to Okunlola the standards are 'standard for packaged millet flour for pap, standard for corn pap powder, standard for packaged sorghum powder for pap, standard for fonio flour (Acha flour) and standard for Acha.'
Yolele Foods - A revolutionary African food brand introducing the world to fonio: a gluten-free ancient grain that is great for you, others, and the planet.
In total, they brought offers in excess of 5,931 tons of cereals, comprising 3,005 tons of rice, 2,863 tons of maize, 35 tons of sorghum, 28.5 tons of millet and 0.5 tons of fonio.
Among the new Global Innovators is a Ghanaian woman who is empowering other women by teaching them how to grow a local wild grain called fonio on abandoned lands.
A Fonio, also known as "hungry rice," has been cultivated in West Africa for thousands of years, and is said to be one of the oldest African grains.
Africa's unique crops include cereals such as fonio [Digitaria exilis (Kippist) Stapf and D.
Lobstein et al., "Flavonoids extracted from fonio millet (Digitaria exilis) reveal potent antithyroid properties," Nutrition, vol.