follicular antrum

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fol·lic·u·lar an·trum

the cavity of an ovarian follicle filled with liquor folliculi.

follicular antrum

a cavity filled with follicular fluid on one side of a vesicular ovarian follicle in its later stages of growth just before ovulation.


pertaining to or emanating from a follicle.

follicular antrum
spaces formed by the confluence of small lakes of follicular liquid in the ovary.
canine hereditary black hair follicular dysplasia
see black hair follicular dysplasia.
cyclic follicular dysplasia
see seasonal flank alopecia.
follicular cyst
1. see cystic follicle; cystic ovarian degeneration.
2. retention cysts in the hair follicles are common, resembling pustules.
follicular dysplasia syndrome
in Siberian huskies; a late-appearing, symmetrical alopecia, affecting mostly the guard hairs.
follicular hyalinosis
see intrafollicular hyalinosis.
follicular mange
follicular pharyngitis
chronic disease in young racing horses; of importance as a disruption of training; characterized by frequent cough, dyspnea with exercise, poor exercise tolerance.
follicular phase
see proliferative phase.
follicular plug
formed by excessive keratin in an inactive hair follicle.