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Frederic E.B., U.S. urologist, 1891-1966. See: Foley catheter, Foley Y-plasty pyeloplasty.
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Now we can reveal how one man was lucky to escape from Foley as he tried to slash him as he walked home from the pub.
Although it quite obviously wasn't his intent, Lane Hudson's self-righteous "what a good boy am I" defense of his actions concerning former representative Mark Foley made me laugh aloud.
However, Foley also currently works for the United Service Organization (the USO).
Foley teaches a technique called body mapping to help partners find new sensual points that make orgasm possible once again.
While police from two forces have been hunting the fugitive for two years, Foley and his shady pals have been living it up with Owen, Robbie Fowler, Paul Ince, Steve McManaman and Jamie Carragher.
In his examination of the complex class and race relationships that existed among Mexicans, African Americans, and Anglo Americans in Texas in the early twentieth century, Neil Foley reveals the inadequacy of the black/white model for understanding the southwestern United States.
A native New Yorker, Foley moved to San Francisco in the late 1980s and worked as a production manager for a garment company.
Foley Artist is Dean's most complex film so far - a tongue-in-cheek try at making, in a distanced, Nabokovian way, something like a conventional narrative movie, and not quite a movie at all, since the work, shot in 16 mm, is shown in the form of a video laser disc as the central element in a rather theatrically staged installation.
This is how supervisor Cheryl Roberts describes Michele Foley, training branch manager for the Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice.
In contrast to Kalaidjian, who fails to bring the black traditions he describes into dialogue with his vision of postmodern cultural activism, Foley demonstrates the pervasive impact of race (as articulated by both whites and blacks) on the political aesthetics of proletarian literature.