Fobi, Mathias A.L.

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Mathias A.L., U.S. surgeon.
Fobi pouch - vertical gastric bypass banding procedure that reduces stomach size to a 15- to 30-ml capacity.
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After struggling with a lifelong weight problem, James made what she terms a "lifesaving decision" and underwent gastric bypass surgery, called the Fobi Pouch, dropped 200 pounds, and feels better than she has in years.
The Fobi pouch essentially reduced James' stomach, creating a pouch, which limits her food intake and gives her the sensation of being full much more quickly.
Mathias Fobi performed a bariatric surgery (weight reduction surgery), known as the Fobi Pouch Operation (FPO), on Dolly Vargas at Bellwood General Hospital.
One 4ft 11in woman weighed 22 stone when she underwent the so-called Fobi Pouch Procedure two years ago.
Surgeon Edward Livingstone, head of the obesity clinic at the University of California School of Medicine in Los Angeles, told shocked Lisa that the ring wrapped around her Fobi Pouch has eroded into her stomach.
Actress JoMarie Payton, who starred as mom Harriette Winslow on the hit sitcom Family Matters' for nine years, lost 145 pounds after the Fobi Pouch surgery.
As the medical director of the Center for Surgical Treatment of Obesity for the past 16 years, Fobi has made numerous contributions toward the technological advances of weight loss surgery, including developing his innovative "Fobi Pouch for Obesity" operation.