Foamy Appearance

A descriptive term for the granular appearance of lymph nodes with lymphomas, especially T cell lymphomas, as seen by lymphography
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(7) Morphologically, foamy gland HG PIN is characterized by bland nuclei and abundant xanthomatous cytoplasm with a distinct foamy appearance. Unlike foamy gland adenocarcinoma of the prostate, foamy gland HG PIN has enlarged glands, lined by foamy cells with papillary infolding and a preserved, but discontinuous layer of basal cells as demonstrated by immunohistochemical staining for high-molecular weight cytokeratin.
Granulomas obtained at 77 dpi presented an inner zone with extensive necrosis and no visible remnants of parasites, the middle area with the moderate presence of macrophages, some of them with foamy appearance, and absence of giant cells, and an outer zone with infiltration of lymphocytes and eosinophils.
The foamy appearance of the sample was readily appreciated upon direct visual inspection immediately after transport of the sample, but dissipated within a few minutes.
[8] Moreover, the presence of the acidophilic granules gives the tumor cells a foamy appearance [9] and a diastase-resistance periodic acid Schiff reaction.