fluorescence spectrum

fluor·es·cence spec·trum

fluorescence evoked over a range of wavelengths when the excitation wavelength is at a maximum.
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Using spectroscopy to excite a single molecule, thereby recording its fluorescence spectrum, is standard for research groups that are interested in such an application.
The fluorescence spectrum of the obtained mixture was measured by using an Agilent Cary Eclipse fluorescence spectrophotometer (Santa Clara, CA).
9a, non-stretched PET films ([[lambda].sub.biax] =1) displayed a distinct fluorescence spectrum and the intensity practically remained unchanged on biaxial stretching at [[lambda].sub.biax] = 10.9.
To obtain more insight into the aggregation process occurring between rosamine molecules in the films, we compared the fluorescence spectrum of each of the rosamine films with their respective solution (Figure 3).
Red shift was observed in the fluorescence spectrum of Zn[Q.sub.2]@BioMOF1 prepared by grinding compared to the one prepared by soaking.
The [sup.*]OH radicals can be monitored by the fluorescence spectrum resulting from the formation of 2-hydroxy terephthalic acid by the [sup.*]OH radicals reacting with terephthalic acid when the solid was irradiated with ultraviolet light [35, 36].
The fluorescence spectrum of the parchment (Figure 6(b)) exhibits a strong emission at shorter wavelengths ([[lambda].sub.max] =460 nm), while the purple ink also shows an emission at 605 nm that confirms the use of folium, as reported by Aceto et al.
Preparation of A[beta]42 Aggregates and Fluorescence Spectrum Measurement.
Three-Dimensional Fluorescence Spectrum. The coordinate axes of the three-dimensional (3D) fluorescence spectrum were excitation wavelength, emission wavelength, and fluorescence intensity.
In Figure 8(a), the intensity of fluorescence throughout the fluorescence spectrum (1) of YOYO (1 [micro]M DNA-phosphate, 20 nM dye; dye to gcDNA phosphate ratio as 1: 50) in buffer decreased in the presence of 3 [micro]M [alpha]-PrP (spectrum (2)).
A control experiment showed that GSH had no influence on the fluorescence spectrum of AuNCs-BSA in the absence of [Cu.sup.2+], indicating that the fluorescence recovery induced by adding GSH to the AuNCs-BSA-Cu system resulted from the interaction between GSH and [Cu.sup.2+].
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