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1. in the apothecaries' system, a unit of weight equal to ¹⁄₁₂ of a pound or 480 grains (31.103 grams); symbol ℥. See also Table of Weights and Measures in the Appendix.
2. in the avoirdupois system, a unit of weight equal to ¹⁄₁₆pound (28.3495 grams).
fluid ounce in the apothecaries' system, a unit of liquid measure equal to 8 fluid drams (29.57 ml). See also Table of Weights and Measures in the Appendix.
a unit of capacity (liquid measure) of the apothecaries' system. In the United States, it is 8 fluid drams, one sixteenth of a pint, or the equivalent of 29.57 mL. In Great Britain, it is an imperial ounce and is 8 (imperial) fluid drams but is one twentieth of an (imperial) pint, or 28.41 mL. See also Table of Weights and Measures in the Appendix.
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The tax rate is 1.5 cents per fluid ounce. Distributors are responsible for collecting the tax from retailers, but a retailer selling sugarsweetened beverages acquired from an unregistered distributor must pay the tax.
- 12 fluid ounces of beer (again, any of your choosing, except the recipe says to avoid "not-so-micro brews" so the beer flavor does not overpower the other flavors).
* Skinfix Hydrating Lotion (1.7 fluid ounces, $19.99)--This 95% natural, lightweight yet deeply hydrating formula instantly smoothes and softens.
A key feature is the coupler, which minimizes chemical spill from gallons to a couple of fluid ounces. The tender arm eliminates handling heavy hoses and provides universal mounting.
The tank carries a capacity of nearly 8.5 fluid ounces (0.25 liter), and the power cord measures 16.4 feet (5 meters), sensioinc.com
Multiply fluid ounces by 30 to convert to milliliters.
The final flaxmilk formulation developed by the researchers provided approximately 1.4 g of omega-3 fatty acid, 1.2% fat and 11.2 g of protein in 8 fluid ounces. This was compared to a product containing no omega-3 fatty acid, less than 0.5% fat and 5.8 g of protein in 8 fluid ounces of skim chocolate milk.
Labels on wine, distilled spirits and malt beverages would carry information on calories, fat, carbohydrates, protein and fluid ounces of ethyl alcohol under a proposal from the U.S.
Wipes are also available dry, with no solution, allowing customers to use any liquid for cleaning by simply adding eight fluid ounces to the wipe canister.
Flexible bucket sizes of up to 2.3 liters (78 fluid ounces) and an elevating high range from 10 to 19 feet, make this conveyor suitable for a wide variety of food and non-food applications.
The liquid fiber dietary supplement comes in two different sized bottles: 8 fluid ounces and 15 fluid ounces.
The puncture-resistant pouch can hold up to 28 fluid ounces. Contact: Therm a CELL, 1-8-NO-SKEETERS, www.thermacell.com.