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a variation, as about a fixed variation or mass; a wavelike motion.
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1. The act of fluctuating.
2. A wavelike motion felt on palpating a cavity with nonrigid walls, especially one containing fluid. Synonym(s): fluctuancy
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1. The act of fluctuating.
2. A wavelike motion felt on palpating a cavity with nonrigid walls.
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Patient discussion about fluctuation

Q. Still there are some fluctuations in my weight every month.Can anyone explain? I am an obese guy. But still there are some fluctuations in my weight every month. Sometimes it goes up and sometimes it goes down. But overall I remain as overweight. I was told that I am having water weight and the reason given was that of fast foods. But I am confused. Can anyone explain?

A. The salt in the junk foods will retain water in the cells. Thus this retained water increases the body weight. So, high salt consumption can lead to water retention. This is known as water weight. And this can also lead to high blood pressure. Stop consuming fast foods which helps in losing weight.

Q. can serious mood fluctuations be caused in young men by anything else but bipolar? My brother is suffering (well we are suffering it as well...) some serious moods. It's not like he's just upset or anything like that. He has never acted this way. It has been really hard to communicate with him lately and I'm worried. no way to get him checked, he's unwilling. We dont have bipolar in the family, well, yet. any suggestions?

A. The picture you describe may result from many causes. Does he use drugs or anything like that? Does he have hard time these days at work/school/home etc? It may cause different moods. Schizophrenia may present in way similar to what you describe. In my opinion, consulting a professional (e.g. a psychiatrist, because it's not really feasible to diagnose it based on your 5-lines description) may be wise, It's not necessarily bipolar, if that's what you ask.

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They attribute the difference to spin fluctuations in these alloys, which, the authors found, are inherent to the Ti-V alloys.
Physicists and engineers introduce theoretical and experimental colleagues and graduate students to small-systems physics, fluctuation relations, and associated research topics.
Food preservation is one of the major issues faced by these families, lack of electricity and constant fluctuation causes refrigerators to malfunction, hence the basic purpose of preserving and cooling food items is lost.
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"The oil price fluctuation...in the short term is not positive and will impact the maritime trade," Mansouri told a trade conference in the UAE capital.
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The BSP books gains or losses from fluctuations in foreign exchange rates on matured, sold, paid and exchanged or settled foreign exchange assets and liabilities.