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Howard W., Australian-British pathologist and Nobel laureate, 1898-1968. See: Florey unit.
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Florey headed east to interest the US government and multiple drug companies in penicillin production.
The teachers at Florey Primary School focus on identifying the developmental stages children are working from and support children to progress to the next stage (see Figures 1, 2 and 3).
Debido a la guerra, el gobierno de Gran Bretana no pudo proporcionar el apoyo economico que sostuviera la investigacion, situacion que orillo a Florey y a Heatley a viajar a los Estados Unidos en busca tanto de financiamiento como de emprendedores que pudieran producir la penicilina que requerian.
Piers Court and Combe Florey are both about fifty miles from Mells, the first due north and the other due west.
A small number of formalin fixed samples of tissue were shared with researchers at the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health to help facilitate its project.
Ulrich Albrecht-FrE-h and Reinhard Florey are currently part of the Inoxum management team while the other post-closing Leadership Team members are currently part of the Outokumpu management.
Florey Ang completed her Bachelor of Nursing in the Philippines, graduated in 1995, and has been nursing ever since.
En Howard Florey /relaxin, la Oficina de Patentes Europea considero que una secuencia de ADN de H2-prepro relaxina aislada, una sustancia que tiene una aplicacion medica en la reduccion de partos por cesarea, no era un descubrimiento ya que dicha secuencia tuvo que ser aislada (10).
The second period saw Basingstoke level the scores when Max Florey scored against Cardiff netminder Lewis Davies following an assisting pass from Oscar Evans.
Editor Betty Finklea Florey also fails to analyze the contribution that Stone's writing makes to scholarly understanding of early Southern Baptist mission work, and of Protestant missions efforts more broadly.
In 1939, Howard Florey, the Australian Professor of Pathology in Oxford, together with the biochemist Boris Chain, a German Jewish refugee, set out to study the known natural antibacterial substances.