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Howard W., Australian-British pathologist and Nobel laureate, 1898-1968. See: Florey unit.
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Long term visionaries must learn to ride the waves of serendipity and may be lucky enough to see their dreams become reality, as did Cecil Florey.
"[C]ontrary to the district court's conclusion that using two prior convictions for enhancement purposes would exaggerate the criminality of respondent's conduct, the use of two or more convictions is the specific result contemplated and required by the felony domestic-assault statute," Florey wrote.
In June 1941, Florey and Heatley traveled to the United States.
Neurophysiologist at The Florey, Professor Clive May, said the data from the pre-clinical study highlighted that the implantation of the device was safe for long-term use.
Fortunately, teachers at Florey Primary were very much on board with this notion and had a great deal of experience and expertise to offer.
at 421-22; see also Florey, supra note 2, at 1095-98 (discussing such cases).
Fleming was knighted in 1944 and in 1945 shared the Nobel Prize in Medicine with Florey and Chain.
Craig Florey headed the visitors ahead after 20 minutes but Stafford's pressure was rewarded six minutes from time.
Eleven years later,its potential was realised by Herbert Florey,a professor of pathology,and Ernst Chain, abiochemist.
In 1938 Howard Florey and Ernst Chain set out to study natural antibacterial substances.
This episode is set in Midsomer Florey, a haven of tranquility...
James Florey was banned from racecourses for five years after running on to the track during the Ribblesdale Stakes in 1994 when the Mick Kinane-