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Albert, French physician, 1851-1927. See: Florence crystals.
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My sole purpose in going to Florence was to see this immortal "Moses," and by good fortune I was just in time, for they were already preparing to remove it to a more private and better-protected place because a fashion of robbing the great galleries was prevailing in Europe at the time.
Don't be afraid, Florence. Remember always that I look ahead.
He stands by the dozen before the Botticellis in Florence, and he sits on all the benches of the Sistine Chapel in Rome.
The son Of that great Lord of Florence whose dim towers Like shadows silvered by the wandering moon I see from out my casement every night!
Your father's nephews do not love him well So run folks' tongues in Florence. I meant but that.
As for the State, I think our state of Florence Needs no adulterous pilot at its helm.
Lucy would rather like to go out, as it was her first day in Florence, but, of course, she could go alone.
So Miss Lavish proceeded through the streets of the city of Florence, short, fidgety, and playful as a kitten, though without a kitten's grace.
But Miss Lavish had said so much about knowing her Florence by heart, that Lucy had followed her with no misgivings.
Her first morning was ruined, and she might never be in Florence again.
Hurricane Florence Damage in North Carolina Reaches $17B