Floppy Baby Syndrome

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(1) Floppy infant syndrome
(2) A rare condition, which may be the most common manifestation of botulism in the US—± 100 cases/year—due to intestinal colonisation and production of neurotoxin by Clostridium botulinum, a bacterium found in commercial honey, which may account for one-third of cases
Clinical findings Lethargy, weakness, feeble cry, failure to thrive, loss of head control, eventually flaccid paralysis
Management Supportive; antibiotics—antitoxin and guanidine have little effect
Prognosis 2% die.
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flop·py in·fant syn·drome

, floppy baby syndrome (flop'ē in'fănt sin'drōm, bā'bē)
Colloquial usage to describe pediatric patients with low muscle tone.
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Patients presenting at the electro-diagnostic department at AFIRM for electro-diagnostic evaluation of floppy baby syndrome were predominantly male and spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) was the commonest electro-diagnostic impression.
"The mice with Floppy Baby Syndrome were only expected to live for about nine days, but we managed to cure them so they were born with normal muscle function, allowing them to live naturally and very actively into old age," she said.
The five-year-old from Fenham suffers from global developmental delay and hypotonia, also known as floppy baby syndrome, meaning she needs round-the-clock care.