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Abbreviation for foreign body.


1. foreign body
2. freight bill
3. fullback

frequency of breathing



The number of spontaneous or machine-generated breaths per unit time.
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Floor brokers are one of three core liquidity providers in the NYSE market model; the others are designated market makers and supplemental liquidity providers.
Our floor broker will bid or offer the order three times and immediately return either a fill or an unable.
Seats are usually owned by companies whose customers include individual speculative traders, trade hedgers and floor brokers who do not belong to the clearinghouse.
The New York Stock Exchange's columned neo-Classical building is as instantly recognizable as the ceremonial ringing of the opening and closing bells, its floor brokers the embodiment of the frenzied pace of the market.
Founded in 1882, the Chicago Stock Exchange's 450 members, including floor brokers, specialists and market makers use the Internet intensively for company and market research, and for communicating with customers regarding orders.
In New York, a veritable army of 6,300 floor brokers, specialists, computer technicians, and miscellaneous clerks is required to keep the vast trading floor running smoothly.
Sofianos and Werner find that the dollar value of executed orders represented by floor brokers amounts to 44 percent of the value of all executed orders.
Karachi Stock Exchange have a limited number of members who are called floor brokers. These floor brokers execute, buy or sell orders handed to them by other members and for this service they receive a share of commission.
Floor brokers said the announcement by US President Donald Trump to increase tariff on Chinese products has created uncertainty on the international cotton market.
Floor brokers said even the good news of granting export concessions to the country by the EU under its GSP+ status from the start of the next year could not help arrest the falling local cotton prices.
Remodeling work ladies health services and gentlemen and maintenance and repair of floor brokers, training center santo tomas de castilla.
The overall slackness in the business activity across the country including cotton is mainly because of the shortage of trucks and other vehicles being used for the haulage of commodities and farm produces ahead of Eidul Azha holidays, said the floor brokers.