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Austin, U.S. physician, 1812-1886. See: Austin Flint murmur, Flint murmur, Austin Flint phenomenon.


Austin, Jr., U.S. physiologist, 1836-1915. See: Flint arcade.


Silica, see there.

The highly fibrogenic mineral form of silicon, silicon dioxide.


A homeopathic remedy prepared from quartz, which is used to stimulate the immune system and to treat abscesses, acne, athlete’s foot, breast cysts, earache, fractures, haemorrhoids, infections (colds, flu and otitis), insomnia, lymphadenopathy, periodontal disease, poor bone growth and sweating.
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The following April, Flint kicked poorly in the spring game.
More than 700 pits are scattered throughout the monument and perhaps as many as 2,000 across the entire Alibates Flint formation extending well beyond the park's boundaries.
Next time you're at the dentist, however, just be thankful that there's no sharp blade of flint in your mouth.
Flint Hills Resources also recently announced several capital projects aimed at improving fuel supply in the areas it serves.
Joe Flint (left) and Steve Mosco, who adopted their 9-month-old daughter, Emma, want her to understand and accept differences between people.
Flint initiated a communication program to solve these problems, with the higher goal of improving organizational culture and staff involvement.
There were strong hints of Flint River's inclinations during his two- year-old season with Fulke Johnson Houghton, when he finished runner-up three times, started favourite three times, and won once, when 1-2 in a weak Warwick maiden.
Flint, aged 34, admitted producing cannabis, possessing ecstasy and abstracting electricity.
One of the strong supporters of this concept is Susan Lerud, Account Manager of Flint Communications in Fargo, North Dakota.
The City of Flint is one of five cities chosen by the National League of Cities (NLC) to receive technical assistance through the Workforce Development for Poverty Reduction project.
Flint, the immoral new plantation owner; however, she also intimidates her granddaughter, who "feared her as well as loved her" (362).