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Austin, U.S. physician, 1812-1886. See: Austin Flint murmur, Flint murmur, Austin Flint phenomenon.


Austin, Jr., U.S. physiologist, 1836-1915. See: Flint arcade.
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Silica, see there.

The highly fibrogenic mineral form of silicon, silicon dioxide.


A homeopathic remedy prepared from quartz, which is used to stimulate the immune system and to treat abscesses, acne, athlete’s foot, breast cysts, earache, fractures, haemorrhoids, infections (colds, flu and otitis), insomnia, lymphadenopathy, periodontal disease, poor bone growth and sweating.
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I know we do have a high rate for obesity and diabetes in this area," said Flint Fresh executive director Cheryl McHallam.
Flint Rugby and Flint Rogues swap shirts and (right) in action
In 2016, the Census Bureau estimated that as many as 45 percent of people in Flint were living in poverty.
"(The court) can today state with certainty that the acts leading to the creation of the Flint Water Crisis, alleged to be rooted in lies, recklessness and profound disrespect have and will continue to produce a heinous impact for the people of Flint," Parker said.
These will reveal whether Flint had drunk alcohol or taken drugs in the run-up to his death .
The Guardian newspaper's music critic Alexis Petridis described Flint as a "demonic stage presence with prodigious star quality".
Initial reports from horrified Flint citizens were largely ignored.
The community hospital in Flint was shut by the board in 2013 following a long campaign to save it.
Chief Executive of Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board Gary Doherty said: "We are doing our best to provide good, modern healthcare for the people of Flint. This year beds have been identified in Holywell hospital for patients from Flint.
They stand as subtle reminders of the history and memories that are soaked in Flint's Hardware, the oldest hardware store in Mississippi.