Flinders Island

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Flinders Island,

island off southern coast of Australia.
Flinders Island spotted fever - a form of spotted fever, treatable with antibiotics, transmitted to humans by ticks.
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Flinders Island spotted fever rickettsioses caused by "marmionii" strain of Rickettsia honei, eastern Australia.
Seven other potential sites have been inspected on Flinders Island.
FISF was described in 1991 in Flinders Island (an island off the southeastern coast of Australia near Tasmania) and was similar to fever caused by an SFG rickettsia.
Coupled with the bush skills acquired while growing up on Flinders Island, Darrell's archaeological experience made him a respected member of any archaeological field team.
The only prior record of Hare's Ears for Flinders Island was a collection made beside North Pats River on the author's bush block after the bushfire of late January 1966.
After successfully submitting a very basic plan to the AIAS asking for a very small amount of money, Ida and I traipsed the length and breadth of Tasmania and Flinders Island searching out church registers and other records of her family.
the aetiological agent of Flinders Island spotted fever in Australia.
Cultural gifts: Noel Pearson and Lew Griffiths--Documentary Media Collection of the Flinders Island and Melville National Parks Land Claim
Two further rounds of seminars and coaching will run in coming months in Hobart, Launceston, Scottsdale and Flinders Island.
For this year's Rolex Sydney Hobart, the water police from New South Wales and Tasmania will again be on alert as the big fleet sails south, with the NSW police boat Nemesis heading south to Eden, VanDiemen on station at Lady Barron on Flinders Island and the Vigilant escorting the I i nt honours winner up the River Derwent.
One review of 62 cases included patients from Flinders Island in the Bass Strait, an area now known to be endemic for a new rickettsia in the SFG, Rickettsia honei (4).
Ryan's description of the tension between government officers and the Indigenous Tasmanians gives a fresh insight into the establishment and administration of the Flinders Island Aboriginal settlement.