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1789: The crew of HMS Bounty, led by acting lieutenant Fletcher Christian, mutinied against commanding lieutenant William Bligh in the Friendly Islands in the South Seas: some would eventually settle on the Pitcairn Islands, where their descendants still live.
On April 28, 1789, there was a mutiny on the HMS Bounty as rebelling crew members of the British ship led by Fletcher Christian set the captain, William Bligh, and 18 sailors adrift in a launch in the South Pacific.
Googling a runner Fletcher Christian 2.00 Windsor Fletcher Christian (1764-1793) was a master's mate on the Bounty during William Bligh's fateful voyage to Tahiti for breadfruit, seizing command of the ship on April 28, 1789.
Formed in 2003 by musicians Ted Hunter and Fletcher Christian, Shine On continues to tour the UK to critical acclaim.
Bob Ferguson, Dundee A It was Errol Flynn (1909-59) whose mother Marelle owned a sword once belonging to Captain Bligh and brought home by her ancestor Midshipman Richmond Young, one of Fletcher Christian's aides who was acquitted of taking any part in the mutiny.
FLETCHER CHRISTIAN AWARD FOR BOAT-ROCKING: 1 Nicolas Anelka; 2 Samuel Eto'o; 3 John Terry.
1789: Crewmen of HMS Bounty, led by master's mate and acting lieutenant Fletcher Christian, mutinied in the South Seas.
One of her previous books has featured mutineer Fletcher Christian and she is now planning one about Charles I's queen, Henrietta Maria.
HMS Bounty, famous for the 1789 mutiny between Captain Bligh and Master Mate Fletcher Christian in the South Pacific, was recreated in 1960 by MGM for the 1962 movie, Mutiny on the Bounty.
Anderson examines the court martial that investigated the mutiny, the subsequent careers of Bligh, the mutineers, and the chief mutineers, Fletcher Christian and Peter Heywood (who were from powerful, politically connected families who were able to use connections to rewrite history to absolve themselves of blame), and comes to new conclusions.
The 47 islanders, mostly descendants of Fletcher Christian and his fellow mutineers, pass their days hoeing peppers and sweet potatoes, fishing for shark and shooting breadfruit down from trees with their .22 rifles.
He made his US debut playing Fletcher Christian to Anthony Hopkins' Captain Bligh the following year.